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Turn your love for hearty, delicious meals into THE GREATEST fat-melting force YOU'VE EVER EXPERIENCED!Even “forbidden” foods like steak, eggs, rice, and cheese contain “active” calories that trigger weight loss!
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Now—suddenly—dozens of foods you thought you needed to give up on have become diet foods! We call them Active Calorie foods—because groundbreaking new food calorie research shows that they actually help burn fat and pounds with every bite, which means that losing 10, 20, 25 pounds or more could really be as simple as...
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These foods?and plenty more like them?are loaded with Active Calories that actually burn calories and boost your metabolism with every luscious bite.

The Active Calories just pass through your body without making you fatter!

Ordinary diets try to restrict your calorie consumption in one way or another (no wonder they fail!). But the revolutionary thermic response science behind Active Calorie foods makes this idea obsolete!
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Because we're Prevention, and because we don't take your trust lightly, we want you to know that your results will vary. Our Prevention group was successful in losing weight, but their results are not typical. However, it's a medical fact that reduced calorie consumption can lead to significant weight loss. Multiple medical and university studies on calorie restriction support this fact. A typical person should expect a safe and healthy weight loss rate of 1 to 2 pounds per week following THE ACTIVE CALORIE DIET meal program. But no one can guarantee your results when losing weight. You will have to change your diet and lifestyle somewhat to succeed. We believe we give you the BEST chance to lose weight and still enjoy hearty meals. That's why we want you to try THE ACTIVE CALORIE DIET RISK FREE.